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  • -“I love this store. I grew up here and I can’t wait to come back, when I’m on break.” ~College Student
  • -We came to Pawleys Island for the first time last year and stumbled on your bookstore.  You were knowledgeable and helpful, then this year we drove threw several shopping centers until we found you again!  Visitors from Ann Harbor, Michigan
  • -We came all the way from Asheville, NC, because we heard this is the best Bookstore in the state!  And you have the titles we have been looking for!  From Judy, Kat, and Rita
  • -We came here last year and just loved your store.  This year we couldn't wait to get back in here for more books.  Out of State Visitor
  • -One of the reasons that I enjoy this place is that it is also a Christian bookstore.  Local Person
  • -Cathy - from Canada-- "I’ve just been reading an editorial about the closing of ‘Borders’ bookstores. I’ve never been in one being from Canada, but we have our own ‘big box’ equivalent in ‘Chapters’ and ‘Indigo’. However, I have a couple of small, independent bookstores that are my favorites and ‘My Sister’s Books’ is one of them. I’m not a regular and only get to visit in person when we’re in the South a couple of times a year staying at our place in Pawleys Island. This quote from the article made me instantly think of your bookstore and I wanted to share it:  “The best bookstores have a certain feel, a certain comfort to them. They're stately but not forbidding. The employees are a mix of the young and the eccentric, college students and lifers. The front of the store features their recommendations, a little offbeat, a little intriguing. If you're looking for something specific, they know where to find it; if you don't know what you're looking for, they can be your Virgil and Beatrice, guiding you through the world.  It is a place with a soul.”  Looking forward to visiting when we’re in Pawleys in October."--Cathy
  • -Visitor from Thomasville, North Carolina -- “We have been to many many places (CA, NA, LA, FLA, NC, VA) and to a lot of used bookstores. Not any of them have been as organized or as nice as this one.”
  • -Seasonal Visitor - I am only here for a month in the spring and a month in the fall. Each time that I visit, I cannot wait to come to My Sister’s Books to load up on good reads.
  • -This store is more organized than the library
  • -Former Pawleys Island resident - I love to tell ya how much I've enjoyed your bookstore!, even though we are moving North, we plan on coming in whenever we visit Pawleys
  • -Ellen – from Low Country Preparatory School -- "This is always my favorite shopping spot."
  • -Pawleys Island resident -- I've been to plenty of used bookstores up and down the east coast. This is the nicest and most organized store I've been in
  • -Pawleys Island resident -- I've been to plenty of used bookstores up and down the east coast. This is the nicest and most organized store I've been in.
  • -Randy - from North Carolina -- "Our trip to Pawleys Island is not complete until we visit My Sister's Books."
  • -Bonnie visiting from Va - I just love the way you have the books stacked on the shelves. Wonderful
  • -Ms. Millie Tanner from Georgetown South Carolina -- "This is the best and most put-together bookstore I have ever been in and I have been in many bookstores.
  • -Kay Chambers, Florence, SC - On a recent trip to Pawleys Island, I had the opportunity to visit your store and simply fell in love with the environment and the overall arrangement of your store. The staff was amazing and your collection was CLEAN and organized! You folks have such an inviting business... I am very impressed!!
  • -Vacationer from Greenville, South Carolina, "Coming here is my favorite thing to do when we come to Pawleys Island, my daughter loves it also! She's from Atlanta."
  • -A visitor who travels around the country in an RV says this is the best bookstore she has seen. The store is organized well and is full of good titles. The shelves include trashy romance beach reads, literature and everything in between.
  • -A summer visitor’s remark on our busiest day in the store’s history: “I don’t bring books to the beach with me because my first stop when I get here is always My Sister’s Books.”
  • -A school teacher customer told us: “Your store is so well organized; it’s easy to find whatever I’m looking for. And, it smells nice!"
  • -"I can't think of a betterway to spend your money than on books."  Customer, May 14, 2013
  • -We love to come to your bookstore whenever we are here on vacation from Ohio and Florida.  Our husbands are school friends and we've been coming here for 8 years.
  • -I moved to Myrtle Beach a year ago and came to Pawleys Island once a month or so.  This bookstore makes it a trip worth making.  I have visions coming next month and told 'm there's a bookstore we have to visit.

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